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Vitale, Vickrey, Niro, 

Solon & Gasey LLP

Chicago's proven litigation alternative to Biglaw.  Our attorneys are experienced in many areas of civil litigation, including: business torts, contract disputes, intellectual property (including patent and trademark prosecution), defamation, civil rights/employment, product liability and attorney malpractice.


At VVN Law, we help underdogs take on the Goliaths.  Our attorneys are experienced in a broad range of litigation areas, including:

  • Business Torts

  • Contract Disputes

  • Defamation

  • Civil Rights

  • Employment Law

  • Product Liability

  • Attorney Malpractice

  • Patent Enforcement

About Us
What We Offer

Intellectual Property Prosecution,
Counseling & Transactions

  • Our registered patent attorneys are skilled at working with inventors to craft patent applications that overcome prior art and are strong enough to be enforced in the courtroom.



  • We provide proactive advice concerning the patentability of new inventions or describing the IP landscape in competitive marketplaces.  We work with clients to assess the intellectual  property implications of new products while they are still being developed - thereby ensuring they always have one leg up on their competition.  



  • Our attorneys are experienced in helping clients enter partnerships that maximize their IP assets' value while keeping important technology out of the hands of competitors.  

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Chicago, IL 60606

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(312) 236-0733

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