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I heartily endorse Robert Vitale and his colleagues, who successfully managed the licensing and commercialization of Autoscribe’s patents. Imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery, but when it comes to being ripped off, that’s a problem. 


As an independent inventor and founder of Autoscribe, I was in exactly that situation. One competitor copied our original software so exactly, it even included some of our bugs.   Bob wasted no time in developing an action plan that resulted in substantial licenses from our largest competitions (including some of the largest banks in the country), through effective negotiation and litigation where it was necessary.

I would recommend Bob’s firm to any inventor with a valuable patent that is being infringed on.  After all, the only rights one really has, are the ones we are willing to stand up for.

Robert E. Pollin,  CEO

Autoscribe Corporation

Vitale, Vickrey, Niro, Solon & Gasey LLP